1. It was a wrought morning.


  2. Wish my monitors were the same size #firstworldproblems


  3. #welcometomoes


  4. #wcw



  6. #alexbay #1000islands #boatsandhoes


  7. Clayton NY


  8. Off to get some lunch. I love my job :D


  9. I’m such a business man now. Lol


  10. Sonic for lunch on my birthday! #welcometomoes?


  11. My second full day of work is starting the right way.


  12. I love living in #nny with @besttimeever


  13. #mountyourcage @gnidne @kylecrowelldp @jeanjacket_jonny @robertkolb92 @g1njan1nja42


  14. #wcw @besttimeever gets home tomorrow. I miss her so much. <3


  15. Don’t know why I am talking with a southern accent?